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As a Portfolio Manager for several franchisees I am privileged to be part of their financial planning team. With this in mind, I keep running into franchisees with the same key issues in these 4 areas listed below.

Key Issues

  1. What are my stores worth? I’m thinking about retiring, but can I afford to?

  2. I want to grow my business and buy more stores, but I’ll need to borrow money. What’s the best way to leverage my business and limit my family’s personal liabilities?

  3. I want to transition my stores to my family members that are already approved by my franchisor. Do I really have to make them borrow all that money to buy the stores when it’s eventually going to be theirs anyway?

  4.  I need a plan that not only tells me what I can afford to do, but I need a plan that speaks to all my wishes for my family in the most tax effective way.

What’s Your Number? If something on this list grabs your attention and you would like to learn more about the solution, simply reply to this email with your number and we will get back to quickly.

We are equipped with the best professionals to resolve any or all of these issues for you in one place. With more than 17 years of experience dealing with franchisees just like you, we can definitely help.

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