"Most Canadians devote very little time or thought to the issues surrounding their eventual demise and the implications to their surviving heirs. This common experience is typically a result of basic human naturemost people would rather avoid unpleasant thoughts or events. While thoughts of death are unpleasant, ignoring the issues surrounding death and the estate can have significant repercussions to ones heirs" <click here to read on>
"When most people hear the term estate planning, they typically think of their Will.  While a valid Will is a fundamental component of an estate plan, there are several other elements that must be considered..."
"There are few who would dispute the fact that a valid Will is an essential document that all adults should maintain throughout their lifetimes.  Unfortunately, while the need for this document is widely accepted, it's creation is commonly overlooked..."
"The Family Inventory has been designed to provide you with a comprehensive list of all information pertaining to your family's current financial status: personal information, assets, accounts, policies as well as legal and advisory contacts..."
"Settling an estate is a complicated undertaking.  If you are named an executor of an estate, you can face responsibilities that demand a great deal of time, energy and attention to detail..."
"...You may think that in situations of mental or physical incapacity, or simply your absence, that your family can act on your behalf.  Unfortunately, that assumption is incorrect..."