You deserve advice that is dedicated to understanding your unique vision for your life and your goals. You need Intentional Wealth Management and solutions that are fueled by that vision.

Walzak Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities, with our extensive experience in wealth management strategies, investment tactics, and an outstanding commitment to service, empowers and guides you, so you make informed decisions for any wealth goal, challenge, or opportunity.

Building a plan >

We start by creating what we call a “blueprint for your money.” Every client goes through the financial planning process to ensure that we have a complete view of your financial goals.

From there, and if required, we collaborate with premier wealth management experts to build the multifaceted solutions you need, no matter how specialized. This includes but is not limited to... lifestyle protection, retirement planning, business planning, insurance needs, intergenerational wealth transfer, and legacy creation.

Intentional Wealth Management >

We help people make intentional decisions about their money. Every decision is centred around our connection with you, and our deep understanding of your goals and priorities. This includes a risk profile questionnaire to identify your comfort with risk. Then we work within these parameters to choose investments that are aligned with your goals – whether that be growth, protection, income or a mix.

Service Excellence >

We are dedicated to providing the very best client experience. We understand what a privilege it is to be on this journey with you, and how important it is to be with you every step of the way. We believe in maintaining regular communication and periodic updates so that we can work together to meet your goals and beyond.

To do this, we use a consistent four-step process of coordinating the knowledge, specialists, and resources to manage your wealth intentionally.

  1. Discover
    First and foremost, we want to understand and get to know you. In doing so, we get to know your financial goals, any potential obstacles, and your personal preferences.

  2. Develop
    We develop a personalized plan and investment portfolio, which reflects our mutual understanding and includes a transition and implementation schedule that will provide an Intentional Wealth Management plan for the path forward

  3. Implement
    We work with you step-by-step to put your personalized plan into action, and we stay focused on building a portfolio that reflects your requirements and preferences today, tomorrow, and always.

  4. Monitor
    For new clients, quarterly meetings help us stay on track as we execute on your personalized plan. After the first year, we believe in regular communication and discussions about your evolving needs, the changing investment landscape, and our progress towards your goals.