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Trallee Fanara, CFP, CIM, FCSI

Vice President | Wealth & Investment Advisor | Associate Portfolio Manager
Fanara Wealth Management Group | RBC Dominion Securities


Welcome to Fanara Wealth Management Group

Looking for a way to protect and grow your wealth, maximize your investment returns, improve your income, and at the same time minimize your investment risk? Gain confidence and peace of mind in your Investment Management, Retirement & Retirement Income Planning, Estate Planning, Business Planning, and Tax Planning - with Fanara Wealth Management Group of RBC Dominion Securities.

Did you know that earning just a ½% on $500,000 over 20 years is $300,000. What would you do with an extra $300,000?

You deserve more... We can help…



Fanara Wealth Management Group of RBC Dominion Securities offers full Investment and wealth management advisory services. Wealth management extends beyond investment advice and money management: It includes expert advice and services supporting investment management, financial planning, will and estate planning, insurance-based wealth preservation, and tax minimization strategies.

Our services are designed for high net worth clients (minimum combined household and business investable assets greater than $500,000) who will benefit from professional assistance managing their investment assets. Fanara Wealth Management Group is a team of specialists that have the expertise and the innovative thinking to help you identify and implement a strategic financial plan to achieve your goals and ensure you are well prepared for any unforeseen challenges. We have the experience and professional expertise to help you protect your lifestyle, manage your nest egg, plan and maximize your retirement, and create and transition your legacy.

Whether you’re investing for yourself or your business - we can custom-design an investment portfolio and help implement a wealth strategy to meet your specific needs.


As one of the Region’s pre-eminent wealth management groups focusing on families and small business owners, our goal is to provide you with custom-tailored investment advice and wealth management services to help you understand, grow and preserve your wealth. We are professional investment partners to our clients, committed and accountable to delivering results - helping to maximize investment returns and income while minimizing risk. We incorporate complex and sophisticated wealth strategies - made easy for our clients – to help them achieve their wealth and lifestyle goals. (And as there is often a misconception around fees, and it is a question we are often asked - the majority of our clients find that our services actually reduce overall investment costs).

Wealth Management Group is a team of specialists – including three wealth management professionals, an executive level support staff, and extensive specialized partners in the field of investment, business and corporate, legal, tax, insurance and estate planning. We are part of the larger team of RBC Dominion Securities, which brings to you all the benefits and rewards of being supported by Canada’s largest wealth management firm and its affiliation and partnership with RBC Royal Bank and its subsidiaries.

We succeed when our clients reap the benefits of smart planning affording them total peace of mind.

OUR PHILOSOPHY – A Values-Based Approach to Wealth Management

“Wealth planning is not a one-time event. It is a continuous process of adjusting and reviewing a client’s portfolio. It addresses all factors affecting wealth; including the accumulation, preservation, protection and distribution of assets, as well as the prudent management of debt.

Our wealth management philosophy centers on blending a client’s financial goals with their set of core values, in a way that will ensure throughout time that financial and lifestyle goals can be met, and that wealth can be successfully passed on from one generation to the next.”


“We are deeply committed to the realization of our clients’ financial goals. We will manage their family’s wealth as carefully as we do our own.

We will always be truthful, and provide the very best wealth management expertise available, in order to help them achieve their goals.”


Core values define how clients see us conduct ourselves as an organization and as individuals. Always present, these values set us apart from the competition.

Absolute Integrity – Clients will see us as individuals they can trust to preserve and build their assets. We will be recognized for our honest and ethical personal and professional conduct.

Client Focus – Clients and the public will know that from the first contact with our team they will be treated as individuals with unique needs and expectations. They will also learn that everything we do begins and ends with looking after the clients and their best interests.

Individual Expertise – Knowledge is our currency – and continual improvement of our expertise is what keeps us on the cutting edge of competition and a valued partner with our clients.

Respect and Concern for the Individual – Our people are our strength and our business is built on individual wins. We need to respect individual initiative and personal growth and be responsible to one another and to our clients.