Corporate Insurance Solutions

A solution for your business needs
Every day, you make crucial business decisions affecting the financial health of your business organization. And you know how important it is to have the best possible services and products to help effectively manage your finances. Making the right financial decisions is a big responsibility and we can help.
Some of the best opportunities for small corporations, including holding companies, comes from using tax-exempt life insurance. It is a tax-efficient means of transferring wealth out of a corporation and into the hands of the next generation when you pass away.
Through an Investment Advisor, you will have access to a vast array of products and services geared towards the needs of businesses and corporations. An important part of preparing your business for enduring success is to prepare it for the unexpected.
Your Investment Advisor has access to a wide array of business protection strategies:
Funding Buyout Agreements
In the case of partnerships, the death or disability of one partner can have a devastating effect on the survival of the business. Insurance can provide an excellent method of funding buyout agreements so that the remaining partner takes full control of the business and the surviving family is properly compensated.
Shared Ownership
For companies who wish to retain top employees, the shared ownership of a permanent insurance policy can be an attractive opportunity. It protects the company against the death of the employee and motivates that person to remain with the firm through the enticement of an attractive, low-cost retirement asset. This arrangement can create a win-win situation for everyone. 
Minimizing Corporate Taxes
If corporate assets are invested in fixed income, then an insurance strategy can not only reduce its taxable income, but it will lower the value of the business by the amount of the investment, thereby reducing the inevitable capital gains tax liability.
Maximizing Corporate Assets
By taking advantage of tax-deferred growth inside a Universal Life or Whole Life policy, corporate assets can avoid accrual taxation and grow to a much greater value than if they were invested in a regular account. Not only that, but upon death, most, if not all, of the proceeds can be paid out of the corporation tax-free. Ordinarily they would be paid out as taxable dividends, requiring approximately one third of the value to be paid in taxes.
Executive Life Insurance Planning
Executive Life Insurance enables you to provide managers and executives with a supplementary benefit package. In this instance, both you and your executive purchase a tax-exempt life insurance policy with your executive names as the insured. Both of you will share the benefits. This form of insurance provides protection for an executive's family, while you benefit from an investment offering tax-deferred growth.
Business Succession Planning
A business succession plan can help protect your business when an owner-shareholder retires or passes away. Elements of a successful business succession plan include buy-sell agreements, a Will, and powers of attorney.
A buy-sell provision is a shareholder agreement that allows for the orderly transfer of shares in the event of disability, death, or retirement of a shareholder. Upon the death of a shareholder, the buy-sell agreement generally instructs the corporation to purchase the sharesof the deceased. Insurance is a cost-effective way of providing the necessary funds to carry out those instructions.
Key Person Insurance
Many companies, public and private, large and small, often rely on the skills and contributions of a single person. Proficient with all levels of the firm's operations and respected by staff and trusted by clients, such key individuals play a curcial role in the company's success. The sudden departure of a key person can create a void that is difficult (if not near impossible) and costly to fill. Taking out life insurance on the key person, or people, in your organization can help mitigate these costs.
Individual Insurance Solutions
A solution for your personal needs
You have worked long and hard to accumulate the financial assets and/or business that have made you successful. Our commitment is to ensure that you protect what you have earned as well as what you will stand to earn in the future as a result of your success.

We are experts in Estate and Wealth protection strategies and have access to other similar minded professionals in the accounting and legal professions. Together, we can work with you and your family to ensure that you will not only have wealth during your lifetime, but an appropriate legacy, either multi-generational, charitable, or both, upon your passing.
We understand that creating and effectively managing your wealth is just part of the equation. It's also important to preserve it. Through the use of insurance strategies, we can help you preserve your wealth during your lifetime, and protect the value of your estate for your family and other beneficiaries. Insurance strategies can also help you maximize the wealth you transfer to your heirs.
Estate Creation and Preservation
You can offset costs that are incurred at death and preserve your estate by having insurance proceeds pay them for you. Taxes, liabilities, estate-related and other future costs can all be offset by your permanent insurance coverage. By taking advantage of the preferred status of Tax-Exempt Life Insurance, you can maximize the value of your assets and maximize the value being transferred to the next generation. Living Benefits insurance is also vital to estate preservation, by ensuring funds are available should you require them at a time of illness.
Tax Minimization

Tax-exempt insurance can eliminate the annual taxes you pay on your investment growth, as well as those payable when you die. Individuals tired of being punished for strong earnings may appreciate this Tax-Protector opportunity. The long-term value of these products is that their earnings can often greatly eclipse what would otherwise be earned through regular investing.
Estate Maximization and Protection

If part of your portfolio is held in GICs, Canada Savings Bonds or a bank account, you have probably never given a second thought to market fluctuations. Sticking to a conservative investment strategy can lead to peace of mind in the short term, but it may put you at risk in the long run. Essentially, you risk outliving your retirement savings. Generally speaking, one way to ensure that you have enough money to meet your retirement needs is to diversify your portfolio. You can get the security of a GIC and the performance potential of the stock market without needlessly risking your hard-earned savings with Segregated Funds.
Income Enhancement

Certain solutions using insurance products can provide a supplemental stream of cash, thereby Enhancing Retirement Income. The net income derived from this strategy may be significantly higher than what is achievable with traditional fixed income vehicles, especially during times of low interest rates.