Testimonials :


"The qualities we were looking for in a potential financial advisor were comfort and trust. We have dealt with Tracy and her team for the last 14 years and these qualities have been met with high standards. Along with looking after our investments, the team has got our estate planning and insurance needs in order, and worked us through a smooth transition from working full time to retirement and the sale of our company.

Tracy and her team have been a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend them."

~ John & Sharon Stoski

“We are lucky to have connected with you through Benita. You are obviously very passionate about your work and you are also very good at it. But what will always set you even further apart from the others is your genuine interest in your clients and the care you take to really get to know them all. There are so many examples of this, including coming to the Durrand Glacier and taking the time to visit my mother on the farm. You are also exemplary at “customer appreciation”. That seems to be a dying art and many could take lessons from you.”


~ Nicoline Beglinger

I am writing you this note from the pool side deck from our retirement home in Corte Bella, just outside Phoenix, Arizona and today is the celebration of the U.S. Thanksgiving which gave me reason to review some of the events that have made this a possibility.


I have many people to thank, but also a few companies one of which is the Royal Bank and its varied interests and partners.


Myself and three partners started our own company and dealt with the Royal Bank for most of its financial requirements for the start up and day to day operations. The company did well enough that we were able to sell it which opened up a new requirement for wealth management needs. One of my partners referred us to the Tracy Price Wealth Management Team.

You and your team, after several conversations and interviews, put together a complete analysis of our financial situation currently, for the short term and the long term. The plan that you put together for us was complete enough that by following it we now have new wills, power of attorney in the locations required as well as investment accounts that you are administrating which allows me the comfort of knowing that what I worked so long and hard for is being monitored and dealt with while I am enjoying my retirement.


Thank you and your team for what you have done and especially what you continue to do, making it possible for me to enjoy what I have without any worry.

~Terry Monette, Tershon Investments Inc.

Tracy Price and her team have been my financial advisors for over 13 years.

I selected her after interviewing other professional advisors because I found that her investment philosophy most closely matched my comfort level. Tracy initially guided me through a life altering event and helped me make a smooth transition into the next phase of my life.


I needed monthly income and long term growth as well as estate planning from my portfolio. She managed my portfolio through the tech crash of 2000, the winter of the 79 cent Canadian dollar and the most recent recession and I am pleased to say that we successfully weathered the storm together. During these rocky times, Tracy and her team were readily available to answer my many questions.

Tracy is more than willing to listen to my concerns then offers whatever information I need and often gives me a mini education on an issue.

I feel listened to, validated, important and that I'm not just a client but a friend.

~ PG

Thank You for your wise counsel and expertise in organizing and implementing our financial portfolio.

Youth is a time of getting, middle-age a time of improving and old age spending. Through your astute counseling, anyone in the middle-age category would certainly find their financial situation improving. As we now approach old age, it is comforting to note that your professional expertise continues to provide us with the opportunity to spend, albeit wisely. You have been most helpful beyond the requirements of your career as a financial advisor......

~ Dr. M. Ralston and Mr. R. Ralston

Ms. Tracy Price has asked me to serve as a reference and provide testimonial to her abilities as a financial advisor and planner, as experienced by the City of Port Moody. It is with great honour, respect and admiration that I provide this Letter of Reference for Tracy, writing with confidence on her abilities, and her commitment and dedication to her clients.


To introduce myself, I am a Certified General Accountant (C.G.A.) with over 20 years in financial management, a Certified Risk Manager (CRM), complimented with a diploma in Local Government Administration. Currently I am the Director of Finance & Information Technology at the City of Port Moody (City), where I have spent the last 12 years in various financial management positions. The investment and stewardship of the Citys funds, like all the other financial matters of the City, falls within my portfolio of responsibilities. To this end, I oversee the Investment Committee, which meets regularly to discuss and implement investment strategy to maximize the greatest return on those investments while minimizing the lowest acceptable risk.


Tracy has worked with me as an integral member of that Investment Committee team since 1996, acting in a professional consultant capacity. As part of her package of professional services to the City, Tracy and her team provide advice, policy writing and review, market analysis and updates on the latest investment trends, communicated in Tracys regular periodic reports and meetings with the Committee. Tracy and her team also act as the Citys representative and liaison with the various bond desks, enabling the City to purchase bonds and other financial instruments at competitive prices, while ensuring City investment policy constraints and statutory investment guidelines are met. Tracy was instrumental in establishing a formal cash flow model, which assisted the City in matching investment maturities with its complicated capital and operating financial needs. Tracy and her staff provide exemplary customer service, communicating information and advice in a pleasant, timely and professional manner to myself and the Committee members."

~ Mr. Paul M. Rockwood, Director of Finance & IT at City of Port Moody