As your trusted family advisor, we work to secure the financial future not only for you but those who are near and dear.  We guide our family clients through long-term preparation for the important changes that are inevitable in life. By matching the depth of your family commitment with the depth of our plans, we can help you achieve multi-generational dreams.
Our clients take comfort in our predictable approach.  We employ a disciplined system to protect and grow your wealth.  Clearly defined investment rules and structured models govern portfolio management.  By remaining committed to long-standing investment principles rather than fads or media hype, we can better insure portfolio stability.
The only way to develop trust is to listen and understand. That is what we do. We listen carefully so we can understand you and your family, your needs and objectives, and know what's important to you.  This allows us to create a plan as unique as you are and insure your financial goals are linked to your life goals.
The Tracy Price Wealth Management Team communicated with you regularly.  the communication is two-way.  We keep you informed of what's happening in the financial world and you keep us up-to-date on your world so that we can ensure your Wealth Management strategy evolves appropriately.


We openly share information so that both you and our team are well informed when decisions need to be made an we provide educational opportunities for our clients in a fun and social environment.
Through our conversations, either by telephone or in person, you get to know the members of our team and build confidence that your requests or questions will be handles with the utmost professionalism and discretion.
Life-Long for your lifestyle
There is no such thing as a one-time financial fix. Together, we develop a life-long financial strategy based on your vision, your life, and your needs. We realize that your situation changes, financial markets change and factors which determine Wealth Management success can change. Through an ongoing process of re-evaluation, revising and fine-tuning we make sure the strategy is adapted to those changes in your life and in the world.
Our system is flexible enough to respond but disciplined enough to ensure there is a solid foundation on which to build your family's future.
While we purposefully limit the number of clients we work with, our team serves a range of clients with diverse needs.  Some are successful entrepreneurs or senior executives who are very busy, and value professional investment management, while others are retired, or nearing retirement, divorced, or widowed who entrust us with the comprehensive day-to-day management of their life-earned assets. Whatever your circumstances and preferences, our Team delivers the depth of support you require.