What our clients say about us
I have appreciated your service, along with your team, for more than twenty years. Over time we have developed a positive relationship with one another. You are available to listen, give advice, and assist beyond your responsibility. I appreciate your team's friendly approach. - Betty (client since 1993)
I am happy with the service I am receiving. You and your staff have always been very helpful and pleasant in all my dealings. I am pleased with the way you have handled my account even with the economy isn't so good. I would be very comfortable in referring someone to you. Sherrin (client since 2002)
We appreciate your forthrightness, honesty and ability to explain things in simple, easy to understand terms, and your suggestions regarding our estate, power of attorney, etc. Tony and Metty (clients since 1993)
We have gained financially, and equally important is the peace of mind that we know you are in our corner working for us. Tim, your attendance at numerous meetings with our accountant amply demonstrates this. First rate, very pleased with performance! - Mike (client since 1996)
The main benefit for me is that I no longer have to worry about my investments. I know that they are being well managed, and if I need to be aware of anything the Crawford Financial Advisory Group will contact me to discuss any options. The entire team is knowledgeable and available to answer any questions or concerns I may have. Jerry (client since 2001)
Tim, working with you has given me peace of mind because I know that you are aware of what I require in the matter of investments so that my money is in as low risk portfolios as possible. I would definitely recommend your group as very informative and caring professionals. - Joan (client since 1999)
Professional team with a disciplined approach to wealth management. We have benefitted in many ways risk management, investment returns, amazing service to name a few. All this amounts to peace of mind which I consider Priceless. Thank you. - Donna and Tony (clients since 1997)
Our main objective is preservation of capital and I feel we are doing that. Cathy (client since 1997)
We benefit by detailed analyses we receive, and the ability to phone you and question certain financial factors. We would recommend you service because we trust you all and your abilities. Bob and Audrey (clients since 1996)
I am totally happy with all you and your staff have done for me. It's a pleasure to visit your office. Iain (client since 1999)
I want to thank you for everything you have done to help me reach my retirement. Your sage advice, especially these last few years have been invaluable. I appreciate all the time you spent to understand my goals and comfort level and explain things in terms that I understand, which is saying a lot. Your knowledge of the market and your professionalism always makes me feel confident. The severe downtown in the economy in late 2008 put huge pressure on many investors. Many bailed from the market out of fear and probably poor advice from some financial advisors. You advised me to stay the course and I fully trusted your expertise and direction. I am proud to have you as my Portfolio Manager. Richard (client since 2000)