Some Insights on the Recent Market Volatility

Sep 11, 2020 |Tim Corney
A word on market concentration Markets sold off over the past week, continuing a trend that started just over a week ago. Notably, the level of volatility this past week did not increase but remained relatively flat, suggesting investor anxiety has not...
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Does your family have a succession plan? Tips for maintaining family harmony

Sep 11, 2020 |RBC Wealth Management

Harmony across families can be maintained by having multi-generational dialogue. Learn how you can start the conversation with your loved ones.

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Why the upcoming U.S. elections aren't likely to prove problematic for your portfolio

Aug 14, 2020 |Tim Corney
Implications of U.S. elections The U.S. elections are now just a few months away and the rhetoric will undoubtedly pick up sharply in the weeks to come. This week, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced that California Senator Kamala Harris...
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Big Tech, Big Numbers

Jul 31, 2020 |Tim Corney
In my prior role at RBC Dominion Securities, I used to share the below slide at events where I was brought in to speak with clients such as our loyal weekly readers. I used it to make a case that many of the world’s best, and most tech-forward, existed...
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Podcast: Key details to consider in Will and estate planning

Jul 30, 2020 |Rick Mirabelli and Brian Gibson

Regardless of your age or stage of life, a proper and up-to-date Will and estate plan offers peace of mind, and can help ensure you and your loved ones are protected.

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The Economic Outlook for Canada

Jul 10, 2020 |Tim Corney
Ottawa’s Fiscal Snapshot Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s “Economic and Fiscal Snapshot” was released Wednesday afternoon and was about as exciting as a fiscal and economic update could be. In the 168-page snapshot, the federal government announced...
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Addressing the Spike in U.S. Covid-19 Cases

Jun 26, 2020 |Tim Corney
This week was characterized by a further increase in the global spread of the virus. It weighed on investor sentiment, though to a lesser degree than we would have expected. We believe the response in the U.S. in particular and subsequent impact to the...
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When Wall Street bypasses Main Street

Jun 19, 2020 |Kelly Bogdanova
One observation that has come up frequently in conversations is the fact that the stock market has seen a strong recovery while the actual economy is still very much in the early stages of its own recovery. The below article written by my former colleague...
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Volatility Returns

Jun 12, 2020 |Tim Corney
The right balance The reemergence of volatility has reminded us that the path of the economic recovery will be uneven, difficult to forecast, and may remain below its full potential for some time to come. Jerome Powell, Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve...
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An “I” shaped recovery for the labour market?

Jun 05, 2020 |Tim Corney
A word on May's U.S. & Canadian job reports Remember how it was going to take years for hospitality to come back? People still want places to go and occasions to eat. The job numbers in Canada and the U.S. for May are multiples better than expected –...
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