Achieving Success

Each of us has our own definition. It might be your dream home, the vacation you've always wanted, retiring early, building the business you are passionate about or providing education for your children.

The Vicic Wealth Management Team is a multi-generational group of Educated, Experienced, Energetic and Committed individuals with over 90 years of combined financial experience. We work with a team of highly skilled professionals focused on tax planning, comprehensive financial planning, risk and estate planning, business planning and banking.

We work together with one goal: to help you achieve success - however you define it.

Who we work with

Our clients have intricate financial situations that require expert guidance delivered in a coordinated fashion. Our clients include successful professionals, executives, business owners and retirees.

What you can expect
  • A long term relationship that starts with us listening to you and ensuring we understand your unique goals and why they are important to you
  • A written plan based on your goals
  • A team of experts chosen to cover the unique requirements of your plan
  • Follow through to help ensure successful implementation

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