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Michael Stinson

Senior Investment and Wealth Advisor

“Mike, it’s April.”

That’s what Michael’s wife, Elizabeth, says when her husband insists on planning the minutiae of something…that’s going to happen in August. After 25 years of marriage, she is still surprised at Michael’s passion for making sure every detail is attended to in advance.

It is a style that has always driven his personal and professional lives. His friends and clients recognize him as someone who deeply wants to make an impact – and won’t wait for someone else to do it. He is the one who will organize a charity event to memorialize a friend, or getting involved at the local community as a board member for the local BIA . For his clients, he loves nothing more than hosting a movie night for them and their families at a local theatre, booking a fascinating speaking event or hiring a great live band for an appreciation party.

Clients do more than just appreciate Michael’s gene for organization – they depend on it. Thirty years after he started as an investment advisor, they describe him enthusiastically as “extremely thorough,” “rock solid” and “the most stable person in the world.”

It’s a matter of being scrupulously prepared for client meetings and inquiries – and also a matter of investment philosophy.

“The way I manage money has not really changed,” he says. “Just as I take a balanced approach in my own life, I take a balanced approach to investing. I am not going to reach the peaks, but I am going to reduce the dips. I pick a select group of higher quality companies, which reduces my clients’ downside exposure.”

Something else that hasn’t changed: Michael’s reputation as someone who is impeccably honest and genuinely cares. As one observer puts it, “With Michael, it is ‘I take care of the client, and the rest will take care of itself.’”

Michael thrives on the excitement of working face-to-face with clients and organizing every detail of their financial affairs. His mission, and that of his team, is to be our client’s biggest fans, lavishing them with support so thorough, we hope they’ll feel the same way about us.

Michael bikes to work, snowboards and is proud of his relationship with his kids. He thinks of his clients as friends, and is disappointed if he doesn’t get to see at least some of them every day.

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