Let's Get Organized!!

May 25, 2019 | Stephanie Woo


Have you noticed that when you start getting busy with life, your career, your family, or your business; things start getting complicated.  Are you like many individuals and families who have not started thinking about or documenting your estate plan? We can help!

As I have guided many individuals and families through life's transitions, this inventory document may be the first step you need in developing your estate plan. We want to help you ensure that all assets are accounted for and considered so it can be shared with those who matter most to you.

This can be easily kept with your important legal documents and create simplicity and convenience to those who will help you take care of your estate in the future.

Click here to download your complimentary "Family Inventory"

Feel free to reach out to Stephanie at 604.257.3234 if there is further information you require or would like a recommendation to a trusted estate lawyer in your area.