2018 Global Outlook

Dec 15, 2017 | Stephanie Woo


As we near the end of 2017 I wanted to share with you our Global Insight 2018 Outlook, which showcases unique perspectives on issues and opportunities that could define the year ahead.

Topics include:

2018 Investment Stance

Economic growth in major regions is finally in sync, creating a firm foundation for the global economy. The stage seems set for worthwhile gains in equities and select opportunities in the credit segment of fixed income.

Pressure Points

While there is no U.S. recession on the horizon, investors should remain attuned to early warning signs of potential challenges. We share our favorite gauges of recession risk.

New kids in the Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies are unlikely to replace traditional money in the short term, though blockchain, the technology that underpins them, could redefine key industries.

Just what the doctor ordered?

A high-tech health care future is starting to take shape with artificial intelligence, robotics, and other innovations set to transform patient care and speed up medical advances.

Managing the Load

RBC Global Asset Management’s chief economist tells us why the world’s debt hot spots do not appear to be facing an imminent crisis, and explains how investors should think about debt risk going forward.

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