In the past, Canadians have depended on one of three sources for their financial well-being and retirement needs. These sources include corporations that employed them, labor unions which they belonged to, or the government. Back then, financial security was more institutional rather than an individual responsibility. However, today those three sources are in full retreat. As a result it becomes incumbent on individuals to take back their personal financial management. This new reality increases the need for solid planning, sound investment opportunities and proper advice. Attention to personal investment management has become more important than ever. 

Our goal is to earn your trust as an investment advisor and ensure that you have every available tool and opportunity working to grow your wealth.

Our focus is to optimize your investment returns while protecting your capital and preserving your purchasing power. We complement each investment portfolio with a complete suite of wealth management elements for a well-rounded financial strategy that is custom fit for you.

Our core values are foundational to managing your wealth. Our approach is conservative, balanced, disciplined and patient.