We have a proven process that delivers a complete, individualized wealth management strategy.

Each new client follows our initial four stage onboarding process:

Step 1

Discover your journey and the events and relationships important to you. Numbers and facts only tell us what clients have, not who they are or what is important to them.

Step 2

Design a personalized financial strategy including a tactical and sound investment portfolio that minimizes risk, maximizes tax efficiencies and evolves in the context of the market and global economic conditions. This includes an individualized Investment Policy Statement with the full spectrum of wealth management solutions.

Step 3

Implement the financial strategy and ensure the investment portfolio is accessible and transparent to the client at all times. The implementation stage includes the assistance of all RBC Dominion Securities's wealth management specialists to ensure you have the depth of expertise you need for all your financial service and wealth management needs. 

Step 4

Evaluate performance and manage risk continually. Frequent client engagement and timely communication along with formal portfolio reviews will ensure the ongoing alignment of your financial strategy with your financial goals.

The outcome is a flexible roadmap that adjusts as you transition through life's important milestones with stringent discipline to protect capital, preserve income and aim to achieve optimal performance in any market conditions.