The Importance of Estate Planning

Aug 06, 2019 | Spencer Glenn


There are few things a client can to do de-risk their situation more than proper estate planning.

Jim O’Shaughnessy, famed Wall Street investor, renowned author, and senior portfolio manager for the series of RBC’s O’Shaughnessy mutual funds, recently shared the following experience:

“One of my first clients was a man in his 70s whom I showed very conservative investment strategies. The client said "no, show me the ones with better long-term return profiles”. I mentioned that higher return strategies are more volatile and may not be suitable given his age and time horizon is relatively short. He pointed at a picture of his grandkids and said "No it isn’t, my timeline is infinite."


Some of the most important planning we can offer clients is assisting them in their estate planning. Each family is dynamic, unique and requires tailored advice to ensure all of the opportunities and risks relating to their estate are properly addressed through thoughtful planning.


RBC Wealth Management has extensive resources to assist our client base with their estate planning needs, including accredited industry professionals who focus exclusively on estate planning matters for our clients. Below is a list of helpful documents to assist clients as they address their estate planning needs and to help them organize their personal estate and family wealth matters. 


  1. Executor Package Kit for Estate Settlement with a step-by-step walkthrough for estate management and settlement, 

  2. The Role of the Executor with executor duties and checklist and notes, and

  3. The Family Inventory, a guidebook designed to help you gather a comprehensive list of all information pertaining to your family’s current status.


There are few things a client can to do de-risk their situation more than proper estate planning.


RBC recently teamed up with David Chilton, author of The Wealthy Barber, to discuss the importance of an updated will. David’s thoughts and introduction video can be found here: David Chilton Estate Article and Video


Visit RBC DS' Estate Planning Guide for further estate transfer strategies.


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