The Tenets of an Investable Company

May 18, 2021 |Spencer Glenn
The Tenets of an Investable Company There are several qualitative and qualitative factors that are involved with portfolio management and security selection. Below we distilled a short list of some of the quality factors used as criteria for evaluating...
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U.S. recession indicators

Jan 30, 2020 |By Jim Allworth, Kelly Bogdanova, Frédérique Carrier
RBC Wealth Management’s Global Portfolio Advisory Committee monitors six major economic indicators to gauge recession risks. The table directly below compiles our view of recession risks based on each indicator’s current position and recent movement....
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8 Strategies for Defensiveness

Dec 29, 2019 |Spencer Glenn

8 helpful rules for increasing the defensiveness of an equity portfolio

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The Importance of Estate Planning

Aug 06, 2019 |Spencer Glenn

There are few things a client can to do de-risk their situation more than proper estate planning.

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Canada: A Rich History of Dividends

Jun 22, 2019 |Spencer Glenn

No shortage of Canadian equities with a consistent dividend track record

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Well, that escalated quickly…

Jun 08, 2019 |Spencer Glenn

Even though May 2019's volatility felt dramatic, history shows its normal and routine.

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