The Tenets of an Investable Company

May 18, 2021 |Spencer Glenn
The Tenets of an Investable Company There are several qualitative and qualitative factors that are involved with portfolio management and security selection. Below we distilled a short list of some of the quality factors used as criteria for evaluating...
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8 Strategies for Defensiveness

Dec 29, 2019 |Spencer Glenn

8 helpful rules for increasing the defensiveness of an equity portfolio

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The Importance of Estate Planning

Aug 06, 2019 |Spencer Glenn

There are few things a client can to do de-risk their situation more than proper estate planning.

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Canada: A Rich History of Dividends

Jun 22, 2019 |Spencer Glenn

No shortage of Canadian equities with a consistent dividend track record

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Well, that escalated quickly…

Jun 08, 2019 |Spencer Glenn

Even though May 2019's volatility felt dramatic, history shows its normal and routine.

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