Providing total wealth management means offering custom solutions, not only on your investments, but on your entire financial picture. We feel that the best results are achieved working in partnership with a team of professionals with expertise in their respective fields. This includes legal, accounting and banking professionals. Utilizing all available resources helps us to better understand your unique situation and to develop a truly comprehensive portfolio for you.

The benefits of working with us include: 

  • Outstanding quality, trusted dedication and integrity

  • Personalized strategies designed for you and your family, foundation or corporation

  • In-depth Financial Planning, with our own in-house programs and access to specialists as necessary

  • Estate Planning and Wills specialists accessible to provide catered solutions

  • Insurance reviews and solutions to provide risk management, capital protection and security

  • Access to global institutional research

  • Tailored flexible portfolios based on your objectives

  • Tax-smart portfolio allocation: hold the right investments in the right account

  • Breadth of accounting and business experience provides a distinctive analytical expertise

  • Conservative investment discipline designed to minimize any unnecessary risk

  • Customized service plan, availability to meet you at your convenience, easy access to at least one of our eight knowledgeable team members whenever you call

  • Strong knowledge of bonds and preferred shares

  • Expertise in U.S. and global markets

  • Flexibility to own socially responsible and ethical investments as you desire

  • Capacity to establish an Individual Pension Plan (IPP), Family Trust, Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA) and private Charitable Foundations

  • Connections with Private Bankers available to provide synergy between all of your finances

  • Accessibility to some of the most "elite money managers" in the world through our various research analysts and Access Manager Selection Program