Building relationships with families by helping them achieve their goals is the foundation of what we do with clients. Over the years, we have developed an investment management approach specifically tailored to individuals, families, and business owners who:

  • have experienced a liquidity event or received a financial lump sum (i.e. from selling a business, receiving an inheritance, or reaching a divorce settlement)

  • do not have a pension to rely on in retirement (i.e. require income from their investment portfolio)

  • are looking for experienced discretionary asset mix management (i.e. family wealth coordination, foundations, non-profits, trusts)

  • are seeking advice to find simplicity in managing complex financial affairs

  • are actively saving for retirement

Whether it is the possible sale of the family business, transitioning wealth to the next generation or just general market uncertainty, we aspire to bring a calming, balanced perspective to challenges clients are facing in order to find natural simplicity amongst all the complexity life can bring.

Our Investment Beliefs

One of our clients’ once said, “If you make me 50%, you won’t change my lifestyle, but if I lose 50%, it will”. The responsibility to earn and maintain this trust and integrity continues to be reflected in our investment philosophy and process today.

We have three primary beliefs about investing for clients. These beliefs work together to provide a highly functioning investment strategy that clients have confidence in. We believe that volatility should be controlled, asset allocation is more important now than in the past 30 years due to low interest rates, and ultimately the investment solution must be tailored to each client as part of an overarching process rooted in objective advice for clients.

Our Background

As Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholders, we are dedicated to the highest ethical standards (www.cfainstitute.org). With a CFA designation, we are able to build personalized solutions for clients on a discretionary basis within RBC Dominion Securities’ exclusive Private Investment Management (PIM) program. PIM not only gives us access to all the resources, investment discipline, and oversight provided by the strength and scale of RBC, but it also allows for use of third-party investment solutions and strategies. As licensed discretionary Portfolio Managers, our process enables more timely execution of investment ideas and greater accountability between client goals and results.

About RBC Dominion Securities

For more than a century, RBC Dominion Securities (RBC DS) has helped individuals, families, businesses, charitable foundations and other organizations build on and preserve their wealth through sound financial planning, trusted investment advice and unparalleled wealth management solutions. Today, with over 400,000 clients across Canada and worldwide, and $217 billion in assets under administration, RBC DS is Canada's leading full-service investment and wealth management firm.

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” - Theodore Roosevelt