Whether you are a business owner looking for strategies to hedge against input costs or guard against currency risk; or an active day trader, trend follower, or options strategist in need of dedicated and professional order execution management, Scott Easton specializes in full-service commodity and option trading. Scott believes that hedging is crucial to managing businesses input costs and foreign currency revenue. He works with business owners and corporate financial officers to develop tailored risk management strategies that are anchored by individuated and disciplined trading strategies. For more active traders, Scott knows that professional and personal service, technical and fundamental market knowledge, and prompt trade execution are vital for success in trading. Scott has traded all major global markets and almost every commodity. Scott holds two degrees from the University of British Columbia and has nearly twenty years of experience with futures markets. Scott is married with three children. He enjoys golf, skiing and curling. Scott also loves to travel and has had many adventures backpacking around the world. Please feel free to contact Scott to discuss your trading needs, goals, and ideas.

Scott Easton

Investment Advisor, Commodity & Futures Advisor