Providing Peace of Mind for Conservative Investors

After achieving our goals, in today’s environment, one's financial situation can become increasingly complex. When you reach this stage and consider professional advice on managing your wealth, my disciplined process may fit. We like to begin with an in-depth review of your specific circumstances before developing any recommendations or suggestions. My role initially is simply to listen to understand you and your family's concerns, and then to discuss long-term objectives with you. Together, this helps us to establish your needs, and then define suitable investment expectations to match your comfort level and improve your long-term financial position.

Our Clients

Our team matches best with conservative investors seeking peace of mind and the security of knowledgeable professional management. We focus on capital preservation, tax-efficient income, and carefully growing your family's security. We often work with two and three generations of a family, including many clients in retirement, as well as business owners and those with successful careers. After 20+ years of steady growth here at RBC Dominion Securities, our clients have entrusted us with over $150 million in assets to carefully manage on their behalf.  To ensure the continuation of our best service and strong results for existing client families, we now closely limit the number of new clients we work with. We will still welcome a few new clients by referral only, where there is a good fit with our specialized services. For investors with $1,000,000 or more of investable assets seeking experience, a conservative style, and above all peace of mind, we are available for introductions from existing clients and professional contacts. Thank-you.