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Ensuring that you and your needs are well looked after, the Cooper Boyd Advisory Group is committed to providing complete access to our team whenever need you need us. Should you have any questions or needs, please do not hesitate to contact us directly as we are always happy to help where we can. Below you will find our Team Directory and general descriptions of their functions to help you select who you need to speak to about your particular need.

   Administrative Assistant

   Licensed Associate

   Associate Portfolio Manager

    (250) 549-4904
    (250) 549-4060
    (250) 549-4073
    Appointment Bookings
    Documentation Inquiries & Updates
         - Address Changes
         - Name Changes
         - Beneficiary & Power of Attorney Updates
         - Trading Authority Updates
    Electronic Services & Support
         - DS Online Inquiries & Support
    Trading Instructions
         - Unsolicited Trades 
    Account Transfer In Inquiries
    Tax Inquiries
         - Gain Loss Reports
         - Missing Book Values
         - T1135 Reporting
         - T Slips
    Estate Questions
    RIF Payment & RSP Withdrawals
    Requests for payments from these accounts
    Portfolio Inquires & Reviews
    Financial Planning Inquiries & Reviews
          - Plan Adjustments & Updates
    Trade Execution
         - Equity & Option Trades


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  Vernon, British Columbia

    2701 BC Highway #6, Vernon, British Columbia




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