Beware and Be Aware

January 04, 2019 |Sam Rook

On the charlatans you will hear from

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Lack Of Confidence

December 27, 2018 |Sam Rook

The Bear Market Growls

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What’s going on????

December 15, 2018 |Sam Rook

A quick summary of things

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Piano Man

December 07, 2018 |Sam Rook

Emotion vs Fact

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The One Rule

December 01, 2018 |Sam Rook

Remember This and You Will Be A-OK

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Only Love Can Break Your Heart

November 23, 2018 |Sam Rook

The stuff you definitely should not be reading

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Benny Hilling Brexit

November 16, 2018 |Sam Rook

A chaotic week in London

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Dating Losers

November 02, 2018 |Sam Rook

Knowing when to walk away

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Now What?

October 29, 2018 |Sam Rook

Market volatility is back, baby.

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It's Fun To Stay At The USMCA

October 01, 2018 |Sam Rook

On a big positive news weekend for Canada

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