The Speed of Tech

August 13, 2020 |Sam Rook

A picture worth a million words

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What the heck is going on?

September 04, 2019 |Sam Rook
Pardon the language, but I'm sure most of you have the same thought. What. Is. Going. On? Let me try to break it down for you. Currently we are being beaten down almost daily by a narrative driven by a president with a hair trigger on his Twitter account...
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Negative Interest Rates

August 13, 2019 |Sam Rook

Could they be coming to North America?

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The Founder Mindset

June 24, 2019 |Sam Rook

A thought for your day

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Investing For Good

February 08, 2019 |Sam Rook

On ESG Investing and how to do it right

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Sam Rook

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