The Speed of Tech

Aug 13, 2020 |Sam Rook

A picture worth a million words

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Upcoming Panel Appearance

Jul 16, 2020 |Sam Rook
I am excited to announce I am appearing as a panelist at Wealth Professional Canada’s AdvisorConnect Technology- Redefining the Future of Advice Virtual Conference on July 28th. With a focus on how technology is changing the financial advice industry...
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Byte Sized Videos Are Back!

Jul 13, 2020 |Sam Rook

Byte Sized Episode 10

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Other Voices - June 2020

Jun 25, 2020 |Sam Rook

Who I'm reading this month

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Outlandish Ideas

Jun 22, 2020 |Sam Rook

Do NOT do this

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Nothing Hurts Like Unemployment

May 15, 2020 |Sam Rook

Details from Canada’s Labour Force Survey

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Random Post-Covid Thoughts

May 07, 2020 |Sam Rook
What does our recovery look like? Many of us are nearing the end of 2 months in lockdown. I am thankful to still have a job that pays but I am mindful that many more have been furloughed or laid off completely. To give you an idea of the economic impact...
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Apr 30, 2020 |Sam Rook

Preparedness in a post-Covid world

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No, You Take It

Apr 21, 2020 |Sam Rook

On a wild day in oil trading 

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Wither, Dividends?

Apr 13, 2020 |Sam Rook

Pondering their short term future

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