Low rates and easy central bank policy: A solution turning into a problem?

Dec 17, 2019 |RBC Wealth Management

As central banks turn to the well-worn easy money policy playbook, we ponder the limits to these policies and whether they may cause future problems.

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Investment outlook for your 2020 portfolio

Nov 20, 2019 |RBC Wealth Management

Our constructive view on financial markets runs parallel to a continued need for vigilance.

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Recession – To Be or Not to Be? And When?

Sep 03, 2019 |Roundell Clark Wealth Management
Recessions occur when economic output declines after a period of growth. They are a natural and necessary part of every business cycle. Attempting to predict the exact timing of recessions is impossible. The fact is the U.S. economy has only been in recession...
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Unfriendly trade winds? Putting the selloff in perspective.

Aug 06, 2019 |Roundell Clark Wealth Management
Markets swooned worldwide amid a reignition of trade tensions and a sinking Chinese yuan. While the selloff was jarring, some perspective is in order. We believe investors should maintain equity positions as the U.S. economy is not in danger of an imminent...
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Power of Attorney: Don't leave home without it

Jun 07, 2019 |Melissa Clark & Jenna Roundell
For the first time in Canadian history, there are more individuals over age 65 than under age 14. There’s a deep cause for attention related to the health issues that will go hand-in-hand with this population shift. In The State of Seniors Health Care...
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2019 Financial "Spring Cleaning" To-Do List

May 06, 2019 |Melissa Clark

With the snow gone and winter coats put away, many of us turn to spring cleaning to declutter our homes. Our finances are no different. These 5 tips will help you and your family reduce paperwork and start the season off on a fresh note.

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Saving Taxes on Investment Income

Apr 01, 2019 |Melissa Clark & Mark Roundell

It’s that time of year when we are all thinking about taxes. There are three forms of investment income in Canada: interest, dividends and capital gains. Each type of income taxed differently. It's important to understand the difference.

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2019 Federal Budget’s tax measures

Mar 20, 2019 |Melissa Clark & Mark Roundell
RBC Wealth Management Services was granted access to the Federal Budget lock-up in Ottawa on March 19, 2019. As a result, I’m happy to provide you with the highlights of the key tax measures that are of most interest to Canadian investors. For more details...
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Dying Without a Will

Dec 14, 2018 |Melissa Clark
According to a recent poll, more than 51% of Canadians do not have a will. If you die without a Will, the law says that you have died “intestate,” which means that you left no instructions as to how your property is to be divided and distributed. In these...
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Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft

Oct 01, 2018 |Melissa Clark
In 2012, over 17,000 Canadians were victims of identity theft. In 2014, that number jumped to over 20,000, an increase of nearly 20% in 2 years! Fortunately, the total losses dropped from just over $16 million to $10.5 million during that same period...
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