Having a long career as an Investment Advisor and working with many clients from different walks of life I realized wealth management means different things to different people. Whether you have built a successful business, forged a successful career, or received an inheritance, your circumstances are unique, and they shape your goals, time horizon and risk tolerances.


However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned after over twenty years, it’s that regardless of where a client is starting from or where they want to go, instilling a sense of balance, peace, and harmony in their financial lives is often an underlying goal.


At Ciotola Wealth Management we are deeply committed to building a lifelong relationship with each and every client.  The biggest reward to me is dealing with clients children and also, for some, their grandchildren.  My team and our experts have the broad experience and financial acumen to invest and protect your wealth. This is how we bring you and your family a sense of well-being and financial peace.


Ron Ciotola
Senior Portfolio Manager
Ciotola Wealth Management, RBC Dominion Securities

Business Owners

A team with experience and resources for business owners with advice on tax reduction, retirement or exit strategies or keeping the business within the family.


Personal and Private Banking Services

Top notch personal day-to-day banking services offered through your regular branch, or customized private banking services tailored to your needs for a fee - you can choose.

Retirement Planning

Registered retirement products, including RRSPs, RRIFs and annuities. Also, read about our process and strategies to help you secure your financial future.


Estate & Financial Planning

Detailing everything that you need to know about developing an overall plan to guide all your estate planning decisions.


Financial Planning

Financial planning is a disciplined, multi-step process of assessing an individual’s current financial and personal circumstances against their future desired state and developing strategies that help meet their personal goals.

Insurance Planning

Insurance solutions help define your complete financial strategy and deliver on our Client Commitment to provide you with recommendations that encompass your entire financial picture.


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