Ronald P. Beer

Senior Investment Advisor & Portfolio Manager



Investment Philosophy

Constructing portfolios with a balance between:  equities, to benefit from long-term growth of companies with a proven track record of earnings and dividends; fixed income, to provide stability of income to the portfolio; and cash.  Allocation between these asset classes is determined by the risk tolerance and investment objectives of the individual client.

Total Wealth Management Approach

Ron employs a strategy of total wealth management. With this approach, all aspects of your personal financial situation are considered in the creation of a comprehensive plan. This plan integrates all your investment, insurance, tax and estate planning needs.

By working closely with your existing professional advisors, such as tax accountants, bankers and estate lawyers, he builds a network of professionals to provide the best advice possible. Depending on your situation, Ron can also tap into his own network of professional advisors, as well as those available through RBC Financial Group.

Insurance also plays an important role in the preservation of your wealth, and as an insurance agent, Ron has access to the products of Canada's leading insurance companies.

Discretionary Investment Management

As a licensed Portfolio Manager, Ron is able to offer you investment management on a discretionary basis. He has found this style of management to be of particular interest to busy entrepreneurs, business executives and retired clients who love to travel.

With discretionary management, you can enjoy the convenience of leaving the day-to-day investment decisions to a professional money manager, while being kept informed of changes in your portfolio through regular reporting. Of course, all investment decisions are made within the context of your Investment Policy Statement, which details your personal investment objectives and tolerance for risk.

Together with his team of two licensed Associates, Ron looks forward to providing you with comprehensive wealth management solutions.