Professionalism for Us, Delivered to You

Saying it and doing are two completely different things, we all know this. 

We as a team simply believe professionalism it is doing the best we can do, with as much competency as we can, in order to deliver a consistently high level of service to our clients.  Diligence in activity, quality, and efficiency conveyed in a courteous, friendly and business like fashion, this is what professionalism it means to us.

We try every day to meet these simple deliverables to the benefit of all our client families.  


Our Commitment to the Community

    Current Member of the Governance Committee, 2019 Canada Winter Games Society





   Current Elected Senator on the U of A (University of Alberta) Senate 



 Past (2 term) Director of STARS Foundation Board & STARS Society Board

    Past Chair, Foundation Investment Committee; Past Member, Audit & Finance Committee: Past Member, Safety &    Risk Management Committee

"Saving Lives through partnership, innovation and leadership" - STARS is a community-based, non-profit charitable organization that is dedicated to providing a safe, rapid, highly specialized emergency medical transport system for the critically ill and injured. Past President and Life Director, Westerner Exposition Association


Past Director, (15 years) Agri-Trade Expostion Committee.  Agri-Trade is a local agriculture trade show, exhibiting the successes and innovations of the Alberta farming community. As director of Agri-Trade, Rod has helped the committee become more involved in bursary support for Olds College and Red Deer College.


Awarded The Alberta Queen's Centennial Metal.  The Alberta Centennial Medal celebrates Alberta's first 100 years by paying tribute to Albertans whose achievements have benefited their fellow citizens, their community and their province. Rod was awarded the Alberta Centennial Medal in recognition of a variety of accomplishments and a solid commitment to making Alberta even better.


Past President, Red Deer Chamber of Commerce. The Red Deer Chamber of Commerce is an association of businesspersons united to promote business growth and prosperity through leadership and innovation. Rod helped the Chamber and its volunteers work to maintain a robust and balanced economy, as well as preserve the free enterprise atmosphere and overall quality of life in the community.



Past President, Piper Creek Optimist Club (PCOC). The Piper Creek Optimist Club (PCOC) raises funds for a variety of different causes, including the following:

Past Chairman, PCOC Children's Library Expansion.  During his time as president, the group raised over $200 000 to turn the old Red Deer Fire Hall into the Children's wing of the Red Deer public library. The Club received Honour status while Rod served as president.




    Fair Chairman, 2002 & 2003,  Westerner Days Fair 1st & 2nd Vice President, Westerner Exposition Association





    Red Deer College, Past Director, Red College Management Development Center


"Just believing in something doesn't make it happen; but add your time and effort, and good things happen. (The) Volunteers (of the Westerner Association), believe, and give freely for the improvement of their community, and their passions. That is a big reason why we are successful as we are; pure and simple."

Rod Kennedy