Our Client/Advisor Relationship

The Process

Step One – Learning about you and your needs

The first step is to determine your investment goals, within the context of your overall financial situation. We look at factors like your return objectives, income needs, time horizon and tolerance for risk. Additionally, the nature of the relationship will be mutually assessed; in order for the entire process to work, you and Rod must be able to be personally compatible. Portfolio recommendations are based upon investable assets of $400 000 or greater.

Step Two – The Investment Policy Statement

With a thorough understanding of your financial circumstances, personal goals and profile as an investor, we are then able to create your personalized Investment Policy Statement – the guiding principles for how your investments will be managed. This can extend beyond just your direct investments to include retirement plans, forecasting future net worth, insurance needs, and estate plans (i.e. your wills, executor status, and powers of attorney).

Step Three – Building your portfolio

After this we will only then determine an appropriate mix between stocks, bonds, and cash for your customized portfolio, working together with our firm’s investment strategists and research analysts. This mix will be adjusted as time progresses to ensure that it continues to match your progress to your next life stage, whatever that may be.

Step Four – Monitoring and reviewing

Rod and the team will monitor your portfolio and, from time to time, recommend changes to reflect current market conditions. He will also review your portfolio with you on a regular basis to ensure it continues to meet your needs. There is a disciplined process for making changes, which eliminates the need for excessive transactions, and provides an environment of prudent rationale decision making.

The Support: Research & Strategy

Helping you make informed decisions
Making sense of today’s ever-changing financial markets isn’t easy. But having the right perspective on where the markets are going – and how that affects your portfolio – is essential to succeed as an investor.

Rod is supported by our RBC Investment Strategy Committee, which is comprised of our senior economists, portfolio strategists and research analysts. The team assists in providing the correct perspectives and context you need for your portfolio components. After considering investment research and economic analysis, the Strategy Committee makes recommendations on portfolio structure for the coming 12 months, including:

  • The optimum mix of stocks, bonds, and cash
  • Appropriate Allocation in your equity (stocks) in industry sectors, and proper global representation
  • Suggested term for fixed-income investments
  • A “focus list” of top-ranked Canadian stocks collectively expected to outperform the benchmark TSX

To help provide you with well-informed advice, Rod and the team also have access to research from several leading firms.

  • Industry-leading RBC Capital Markets covers close to 700 companies in all major industry sectors in North America.
  • Independent Veritas provides in-depth reports on major Canadian companies exclusively to RBC Dominion Securities.
  • Several leading U.S. investment firms like JP Morgan, Valueline, and Standard & Poor's offer coverage of companies around the world.