Investment Philosophy

Our investment posture tends to the conservative side, with a focus on acceptable consistent returns, rather than just the highest returns possible. We tend not to place funds from cash into investments until we feel there is a reasonable "window of confidence" that the market offers more upside opportunity, than downside risk. It is a more patient approach than some might use, but is also more defensive; 'We can only show you what you make, not what you might have lost'. What this means is being in cash and short term investments may often show only modest returns, but what it doesn't show you is how much the value of your funds might have gone the other (negative) way, had we rushed into the market simply for the sake of 'being invested'. The number of clients we deal with is strictly limited in order to maintain service and investment focus for them.

A personal note from Rod's father about managing other peoples money 

The only thing my father told me when I decided to go into this profession was "Manage your clients money like it's your own, but don't ever forget it isn't". Good advice from a very honest man.