Three plans, one goal


At Thomson Wealth, we believe every financial voyage should start with a three-pronged financial plan that’s expertly mapped out according to your desired destination, and one that can be skillfully navigated through the inevitable ebbs and flows of life. In partnering with our team, we’ll help you map your goals and provide you with three plans designed to help you weather any storm while protecting and growing your wealth.


1. Retirement plan

The map of your financial journey starts with a retirement plan that accurately charts your unique goals, ambitions, and dream destination. It helps point us in the right direction when we set sail and keeps us focused on the long term as we move forward.

2. Estate plan

The route to your financial destination isn’t traversed alone. In getting to know you and your family, we’ll provide a will and estate plan that reflects your deepest values and helps simplify the transition of assets to your beneficiaries while cementing your legacy.

3. Investment plan

The checkpoints of your voyage can only be reached by a tailored and diversified portfolio of investments that act as a bulwark against the fluctuations of the market and a mainstay you can depend on to build your wealth into the future.

What is most important to you on your financial journey?


Let’s uncover your goals, create a plan, and navigate it together.

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