Building Our Investment Universe

We build our portfolio recommendations on the broadest research and analysis available. Utilizing resources from many of the best firms in the investment business, we take additional steps to combine their data to make the most educated decisions possible. With cutting edge software, we can compile and moniter the information on these positions to keep us in tune with the movements of the markets.

Some of Our Sources

  • RBC Capital Markets - Award winning global research & strategy
  • Veritas - In depth & independent Canadian research
  • JP Morgan - Award winning global research & strategy
  • S&P Capital - Award winning global research & strategy
  • Value Line - In depth & independent US research

Expert Guidance

RBCs in-house Investment Strategy Committee, comprised of our leading economists, research analysts and portfolio strategists, meets regularly to provide recommendations on structuring investment portfolios for success. Combined with our Portfolio Advisory Group, we overlay expert advice on top of industry leading analysis to make tactical and strategic investment recommendations.

Recommendations Cover:

  • Economic Outlook, Interest Rates, Corporate Earnings and Valuations
  • Asset Allocation between equities, fixed-income and cash
  • Sector Allocation between major economic sections

Combined for Success

These recommendations are combined with the industry leading research to craft a portfolio that will fit the specific needs of your unique financial situation. You can rest assured knowing that leading investment experts from around the world have guided the recommendations made for your portfolio.

Objective Risk Management

The Latest Tools in Technical and Quantitative Analysis

The hardest part of investing can be removing the emotion from the decisions you make. All too often we see investments that are held too long or sold in volatility. Most investors and advisors can have difficulty in differentiating market volatility from long term trends. Using the latest tools and algorithms developed for monitoring relative strength and market movement, we overlay factor-based risk management to navigate emotional decisions with objective insight. This unique combination can help you optimize your returns and protect your wealth.

What is right for you?

Based on our discussions, we will come to an agreement for the best strategies to help you reach your investment goals as determined by a number of factors:

  1. The size of each investment
  2. The need for income, cash flow and liquidity
  3. Your preferences for managed or unmanaged products
  4. The specifics of whether your accounts are registered (RRSP, RIF, RESP) or non-registered

No scenario will ever be the same as another, and this is where my wealth management team and I will be able to ask the right questions to understand what will work best in your particular case.

Value-added wealth services

In addition to a vast array of investment products and solutions, we offer a number of value-added services to help you manage your wealth, many of which are complimentary for our clients.


These include:

  • Integration of your investment plan with your other service providers, including your lawyer or accountant
  • Access to financial planning services and a personal financial plan that addresses your cash flow, tax strategies, investments, retirement, insurance, estate planning and more 
  • Will and estate planning consultations through accredited Will and Estate Consultants 
  • Registered estate processing, tax reporting and T3 returns
  • Registered estate tax planning, including multiple and contingent beneficiary designations
  • Insurance consulting on a full range of individual life, health, segregated fund and annuity solutions
  • Custody and safekeeping
  • Annual consolidated tax reporting, including dispositions with book costs
  • Research into old certificates/investments for current status and value
  • Research, commentary and information on specific holdings, markets or economies upon request
  • Online integration of your RBC investment and bank accounts for consolidated viewing
  • Margin accounts for leveraged investing
  • Multi-currency account functionality
  • Automatic account contributions and withdrawals
  • Automatic mutual fund purchase and redemption plans
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) capabilities
  • Interest paid on cash balances in investment accounts
  • Corporate reorganization advice
  • Cashless employee stock option exercise service
  • Self-directed Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) and formal trusts for educational purposes and income splitting
  • Quarterly "Wealth Management Review" newsletter
  • Introduction to a full suite of RBC partners if needed for: personal, business and private banking; estate and trust services, mortgage services; insurance; direct investing; and more


For more information, please contact us today.

Helping you remove the guesswork from investing

Gain greater convenience, customization and choice with A+: the latest advance in wealth management delivered through our innovative Unified Managed Account (UMA) technology.

With A+, you get convenient access to the most current thinking of RBC’s senior portfolio strategists and carefully evaluated investment ideas from elite money managers worldwide within a highly customized, tax-efficient portfolio managed by RBC Dominion Securities.

A+ follows a highly disciplined, proven process designed to remove the guesswork and emotions from investing. For even greater peace of mind, your A+ portfolio benefits from independent, third-party due diligence on manager selection. 

A+ key features


Your personalized A+ investment portfolio is managed for you on a discretionary basis, freeing your time to focus on other important priorities. Every quarter, your A+ portfolio is automatically rebalanced to align with the current asset allocation recommendations of the RBC Investment Strategy Committee. You also receive an integrated view of your overall financial affairs through A+ UMA consolidated account reporting.


Choose from carefully screened money managers, top-ranked mutual funds and recommended Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) – now available in a single account for greater convenience.


Your A+ portfolio is customized to your needs, whether you’re looking for growth, income or capital preservation. It can also accommodate your individual tax needs and any investment restrictions if you wish to invest in a socially or environmentally responsible fashion.

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The DS Difference

The investments that you can hold at RBC Dominion Securities are diverse and encompassing. We offer a full suite of products able to fit the needs of every investor, including:

  • Global Stocks
  • Global Bonds
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Mutual Funds
  • Unified Managed Accounts (UMAs)
  • GIC's & Structured Notes
  • Principal Protected Notes (PPNs)
  • Alternative Investments

Because we are not limited to one company, brand or version of any investment, we have the ability to find the best rates and products. This gives our clients the peace of mind and confidence that their investments are the best possible choice, a perk of working with one of the world's largest wealth management firms (2015 Scorpio Partnership Benchmark).

Wealth Management

In addition to investment advice, we can assist with a wide range of wealth management needs, including:
  • Financial planning to clarify your financial situation and goals
  • Will and estate consultation to help you maximize your legacy
  • Business Succession consultation to plan for your sale or transition
  • Insurance consultation to identify opportunities to protect or enhance your wealth
We will assess your needs to determine which of these complimentary consultations are appropriate.

GIC rates

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