1.Q- We are practicing social distancing, how do we open up an account?

A - So are we, and we applaud you for your efforts! We are quite adapt at web conferencing, calls and secure electronic methods of account opening.

2. Q – Are you taking new clients?

A- Yes, we are happy to meet and discuss with you to see if what we do and our team is a good fit.

3. Q- Do you have minimums?

A- Yes, our services are best tailored for those folks who have in excess of $500,000 in investable assets but we are always willing to make an exception for referrals from current clients and their friends and family. To us a fit and whether we can add value is more important than minimums.

4. Q- What are the costs?

A- We run a fee based practice and charge a fee commensurate with the type of services and assets you entrust us with. This way our fee is transparent, competitive and firmly aligns the interests of both parties. In many cases our fees are tax deductible.

5. Q- Where do you meet your clients?

A- Our office is located at 200 Bay Street in downtown Toronto, but we are more than willing to meet you where and when it works best for you. We can meet at your home, place of business or virtually.

6. Q- Do you only use mutual funds?

A- No, we believe in building customized portfolios to fit the needs and preferences of our clients and may utilize individual stock/ bond mandates, ETF’s, GIC’s, Alternatives and Mutual Funds where appropriate and cost effective.