"Rob Becker is my go-to financial advisor. Rob has the remarkable ability to understand my various financial needs and formulate a plan that works for me. We have a long-term plan that's tailored to my family's financial goals and needs. Through Rob's guidance I am well on my way to achieving my long term financial goals - we recently reach the first major goal with the purchase of our first home. Rob's saving strategy helped us to save thousands of dollars in taxes. Rob has been able to connect me with different experts in the industry to get me the best service possible. The thing about Rob is that I trust him - he really puts his clients first, and that makes him unique."
-  Dr. Ewan Goligher, FRCP(C), Staff Physician, Intensive Care Unit at a Toronto area Hospital
Like many busy young professionals, my wife and I always had sorting out our financial plan near the top of our list of priorities.  It was a considerable source of stress realizing that we had the means to secure a solid financial future for our family but little of the know-how to structure the plan or resources to execute it.  Rob Becker took us back to square one; he analyzed our situation including current state and future goals.  When needed, he broke things down into easy to understand pieces.  He brought the whole infrastructure of RBC's platform to service us including insurance, banking and mortgage specialists.  We now have solid understanding of what we need to do to meet our goals and have worked with Rob lockstep to ensure we're meeting the benchmarks.  We revisit the plan with Rob on a regular basis and include him on all our important financial decisions.  We appreciate the unwavering support and the fact that he goes the extra mile for us, especially considering we are still very much in the asset building stage of our careers.  It speaks to the fact that he has our long term goals as his top priority and that he's in it for the long haul.  We have introduced Rob to a few couples, at similar stages, who were also looking for peace of mind and they have appreciated how Rob helped them make sure every base was covered.

-  John, Vice President of a Major Canadian Bank

Rob won out over several other advisors who had more experience in the field of financial advising, because of the quality of his listening. He remembered everything that I said and he put that firstHe also never made me feel dumb, even though my investing skills and interest were next to nil. I am grateful to Rob for his approach.
-  Debbie Ackley, Dapa Consulting Inc., Toronto

I had been using a friend as my Financial Planner for as long as I can remember. I wasnt all that  unhappy with his management of my investments. On the other hand I wasnt that pleased either. Rob came to the rescue!  Making the decision to switch to Rob was awkward and difficult because of my friendship with my existing Financial Planner.  I told him that I was making the change and funny thing is, I think he was expecting this. He announced his retirement shortly after. 

I am very happy with the move and with Rob, so much so that I believe my wife will soon follow my decision.
Paul Markle, former professional football player and baseball executive

Rob Becker is our Investment Advisor and we have been very happy with the relationship we have with him, his knowledge, attention and performance of our investments.

We find him to be very diligent in his care with our investments, and enjoy his open and fact-based approach to discussing options with us and his follow up to keep us informed and help us plan for and adjust to changes in economic conditions and investment markets.

As a person, he is very accessible, responsive and professional.

I have no hesitation is recommending him to you as an Investment Advisor.
-  Garry in Oakville, Director of Sales, European firm