Working with professional advisors

Jan 02, 2020 | Rita Benefield and Christos Koutsavakis


Your RBC DS Investment Advisor has the support of an internal team of specialists.

When in need of professional help, seeking out expert advisors is a sensible idea. Lawyers, doctors, accountants, and bankers are just some of the experts we all depend on. Such professionals rarely work alone and in turn depend on another layer of qualified support. Your Investment Advisor is no different. At Dominion Securities we are fortunate to have access to a depth of supporting talent only an industry-leading firm like RBC can provide.

Here are some of the key professionals who help us serve our clients better:

  • Estate Planning Specialists provide guidance and solutions regarding our clients’ insurance needs.
  • Will & Estate Consultants advise on succession planning.
  • Financial Planning Specialists carry out long-term planning for a variety of life goals.
  • Financial Advisory Support answers complex questions relating to clients’ specific circumstances, and publishes helpful articles on a wide range of financial topics, including tax efficiency.
  • Portfolio Advisory Support provides valuable investing insights, in part using reports from our stellar lineup of stock analysts.
  • Our Portfolio Risk Advisor is another set of eyes monitoring discretionary accounts as they relate to our clients’ Investment Policy Statements.
  • RBC Global Asset Management representatives keep us engaged with the best offerings from RBC’s suite of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (now partnered with iShares).
  • Our equity and bond trading desks work to provide us with the best prices on large trades.
  • Our DS Online team provides an ever-improving online experience and operates a help desk that clients can contact directly.
  • Information technology is constantly upgraded to expand our services (myGPS financial projections) and improve our reporting (money-weighted rates of return).
  • All our activity is monitored by our Branch Manager and compliance department to ensure strict adhesion to industry regulations.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Your RBC DS Investment Advisor – or Portfolio Manager for those of you with discretionary accounts – is supported by a vast network of talented professionals with a common purpose: to help you achieve your financial goals.

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