Private Investment Management: Our flagship service

Aug 02, 2019 | Christos Koutsavakis


Learn why RBC Dominion Securities Inc. is a leader in discretionary portfolio management.

Private Investment Management (PIM) is the preferred choice for an ever-increasing number of our clients who come to understand the benefits of discretionary portfolio management.

In PIM, your personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) sets out how your accounts are to be invested. As a licensed Portfolio Manager, Rita follows the IPS, making decisions about which investments are suitable for you, monitoring, and making changes to your portfolio as appropriate.

When your investments are managed on a discretionary basis, you are free from day-to-day decision making, and can focus your energy on the bigger picture. Client-advisor meetings are relieved from debates over individual investments and journey into meaningful discussions about life goals and long-term financial needs.

With a comprehensive understanding of your financial life, we keep your IPS up-to-date; and with the IPS as a guide, we use the full strength of RBC’s investment strategists to build a portfolio that aims for your long-term objectives, in both the risk you can carry and the return you need to reach your goals.

Our clients frequently point out the following benefits of investing in PIM:

  • A customized portfolio.
  • Direct access to their Portfolio Manager, Rita.
  • No calls to deal with administrative trading concerns.
  • Trades made in a timely manner. Being able to execute a trade in seconds can protect you in a falling market and benefit you in a rising one.
  • Enhanced risk management. Our independent Portfolio Risk Advisor is another set of eyes monitoring your portfolio as it compares to your IPS.
  • Regular rebalancing.
  • Deposits invested promptly and withdrawals funded smartly.
  • Fair pricing. When trades impact multiple PIM clients, they are done on a bulk basis so every client receives the same price on their buys and sells.
  • No commission charges negatively affecting investment decisions. PIM accounts are subject to management fees, competitively priced, and tax-deductible in non-registered accounts.
  • Less paper. No trading confirmations or reorganization notices clogging your mailbox. With electronic statements and access through DS Online, you can enjoy a virtually paperless relationship with us.
  • In-depth quarterly reporting of your portfolio, including performance.

Do you think discretionary investing would fit your needs? For more insight, please download a copy of our PIM brochure.

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