Regional Conference 2019

Jul 08, 2019 | Rita Benefield and Christos Koutsavakis


We joined with our colleagues from across the region to discuss industry trends and issues that matter to our clients.

We recently had the privilege to attend the RBC Wealth Management’s Eastern and Western Ontario Regional Investment Advisor Conference in Collingwood. More than 400 attendees converged on the Blue Mountain resort for two days of seminars presented by a wide range of the financial industry’s leading lights.

Presenters included representatives of Capital Group, CI Investments, Dynamic, Fidelity, Invesco, Picton Mahoney, and RBC Global Asset Management, among others. Presenters examined topics such as risk management, global economic trends, and technological transformation, each offering their unique perspective on the future of investment markets.

Our colleagues from head office hosted informative talks on trust services, philanthropy, and the evolving nature of wealth management, key areas of interest to our clients.

Jim Allworth, Portfolio Strategist of RBC Wealth Management, offered his insights on the near and medium-term direction of markets. He provided some key actions that can protect portfolios in the event of a slowdown in economic growth.

Amin Toufani of Singularity University gave a special presentation on “Exonomics,” his term for the economics of exponential growth. His position is that vast changes can sweep though industries much more quickly than in the past, overturning the old order and opening up expansive new opportunities for investment.

Olympian hurdler Sarah Wells told us about her journey of constant setbacks and hard-won success.

Rob Kochel of Invesco Consulting spoke about the modern approach to retirement. Retirees are much more active and have greater expectations of their post-career years than has ever been the case. Where to live, what to do, and where to vacation are top-of-mind for those approaching retirement age.

We were entertained and enlightened by Robb Nash, a musician on a laudable mission to help troubled youth throughout Canada.

We enjoyed more than twenty speeches and seminars on a wide range of topics, each from an expert in their field. The conference was a great success, providing us with a trove of information to integrate into managing our clients’ wealth.


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