Faced with a complex array of financial products and services, managing money has become a difficult challenge in recent years. You may be looking for a balanced investment portfolio, growth or a plan that generates income. Perhaps minimizing income taxes, or estate or retirement planning are important to you. You may not even be certain what you need.

Regardless of your situation, Richard will conduct an in-depth review of your specific circumstances before making any recommendations or suggestions. His most important job is to listen to you, understand you and your family's investment needs, and to work with you to set out long-term investment objectives. He will work with you to define your tolerance for risk, and develop realistic investment expectations commensurate with your comfort level.

Mission Statement:

"I endeavour to build an advisory relationship with high net worth Canadians; to identify their financial, insurance and estate planning needs; and to find solutions that will assist them in achieving their goals and dreams."