Rand Wealth Management Group - Simplifying All The Financial Needs of Busy Families

"Our mission is to partner with our clients to help them visualize and then achieve their financial goals and life's dreams. We believe we serve our clients best by delivering to them that which cannot be commoditized: Personalized advice and guidance, customized solutions to their complex problems and expert implementation of financial plans we help create."            

Developing a Plan:

Our relationship with a client starts with the development of a customized, comprehensive plan designed to achieve your long term financial and lifestyle goals. As part of this plan, we cover the investment, insurance, tax and estate planning aspects of every client. Knowing that personal or investment strategies may change along the way, this plan is reviewed with you regularly.


Our Team:

Richard Rand,  Investment Advisor

  • Albert Chow -  Associate 

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Investment Philosophy:

Every person and business is unique; a professional and thorough approach to determining financial needs and goals is needed. We know the importance of listening to you and understanding your specific situation.

  • For us, full-service means giving you our full attention and utilizing our professional expertise to:
  • Manage all your investment needs
  • Create and maintain a life-long personalized investment strategy and recommendations
  • Provide in-house Estate and retirement planning services
  • Access the complete range of investment alternatives
  • Access the many proprietary investment services, insurance services and research found only at RBC Dominion Securities. 





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