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Welcome to our library of client resources. We have access to an abundance of tools and information to help our clients with all of their financial needs. If you have any questions about topics not listed here, or would like more information, please feel free to contact us.



Tax Planning

Spousal Loan Strategy                                           Personal Tax Planning Calculator
Tax Reporting Guide                                             Tax Implications of Investing in the US            

Estate Planning 

Estate Planning                                                       Power of Attorney
Wills and Will Planning                                          Charitable Giving

Family Services 

Family Wealth Management                                Family Trust Guide
Divorce & Seperation                                           Education Savings


Retirement Savings Plan                                     Retirement Checklist
RSP Maturity Options                                          Locked-In RRSPs and Your Options   

Business Owners 

Frequently Used Client Forms

Non-Registered Transfer Form                           Registered Transfer Form
RRSP Withdrawal Form                                      RESP Withdrawal Form