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Your Plan... and Your Life First ®

At Hymers Wealth Management Group of RBC Dominion Securities, we believe that real wealth means having the freedom to live life to the fullest. To this end, we've developed Life First ®, our proven wealth management strategy designed to empower you and help you achieve goals far beyond your finances.

Life First ® is a six-step process that takes the complexity and guesswork out of financial planning and breaks every aspect down into easy-to-understand components.

  1. Establish a Strong Foundation – develop a working relationship with us—a wealth management team you can trust and partner with over a lifetime.
  2. Discover your Ideals – Shape a vision for your future and work with us to pinpoint and identify milestones, Creating short and long-term goals will help you achieve your life’s dreams.
  3. Develop Your Financial Blueprint – Document your priorities, needs and goals in an Investment Statement Policy, an effective blueprint for managing your financial assets.
  4. Bringing in Our Experts – Our experts cover specialties including law, taxation and offshore planning. Their complimentary expertise is available to all clients who meet or exceed established thresholds. This dynamic team will help execute and quarterback all facets of your financial planning needs.
  5. Executing the Plan – A custom-designed portfolio based on your guidelines and our experts’ input will magnify and protect your wealth well beyond retirement and ensure assets are maximized for your children and grandchildren.
  6. Managing and Monitoring – We maintain regular contact to ensure your plan, your goals and your objectives stay on course. We diligently monitor market and economic conditions to ensure ongoing re-balancing with a focus on preserving your wealth, and taking advantage of market opportunities to maximize your portfolio performance.

To help you consider and plan your own unique retirement, please review our documents below:

Retirement Checklist
Shifting Gears

A successful investment strategy can't exist without a clear understanding of goals and objectives.

Life First® and Plan. Invest. Relax® are registered trademarks owned by Rhonda Hymers.

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"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."
- Maria Robinson