Our strategy has averaged 18.2%* a year since 1984.

If you have at least $100,000 in your investment portfolio, then you must read the Winter 2006 edition of Portfolio Strategy. Since its inception in 1984, the Strategy Focus List has earned an 18.2% annual compound return - while the TSE 300 has managed 10.1%. The Portfolio Strategy reveals our firm's opinion on the Canadian economy, and lists the current portfolio holdings of both the Canadian and US Strategy Focus Lists. You can order your free Portfolio Strategy guide by completing the online form below.

To view an older edition of Portfolio Strategy, click here. There are several ways that the recommendations of Portfolio Strategy Quarterly can be incorporated into a portfolio, all of which are exclusive to RBC Dominion Securities. First is a partnership-based account where you the investor is involved in the decision making. Secondly is a Parameters Portfolio, where you own the individual holdings but they are managed by a high calibre money manager. Third is in a mutual fund version, called the Focus Funds. To view the performance summary of the Canadian Focus List from 1985 - 2005 please click here.

To order your complimentary copy of Portfolio Strategy Quarterly, email your request to jim.grundy@rbc.com. There is no obligation to you, but you must provide your phone number and address in order to receive this free guide.

*Annualized performance of the Strategy Focus List set out below since Dec 31, 1984, as of November 30 2005, does not take into consideration management fees or other account expenses. The actual performance of the Strategy Focus List is lower than that disclosed when adjusted to reflect management fees other account expenses. Past performance may not be repeated. RBC Dominion Securities Inc.* and Royal Bank of Canada are separate corporate entities which are affiliated. Investment Advisors are employees of RBC Dominion Securities Inc. *member CIPF. (R) Registered trademark of Royal Bank of Canada. (C) Copyright 2005. All rights reserved.