We are here to help you

We provide stability and accountability in an industry often clouded with uncertainty and broken dreams. With over 20 years of experience discreetly working with artists at the top of the music industry, no matter what your personal journey, we will guide and manage all aspects of your wealth process. It all starts with the first call...

What We Don't Do

Ignore you. Our team is available to take a call or answer an email and we take pride in being engaged with our clients through regular reviews.

Sell you things you do not need. We are not to be confused with stockbrokers. We are providing sound advice using a fee based platform to ensure that everything we do is to help you reach your goals without any conflict of interest.

Talk down to you. We understand that the investment landscape is complex and excel in communicating with clients in a down to earth manner that is devoid of arrogance or jargon.

Abhor Change. This is an industry that is in constant flux and progression, with new approaches and products being developed on an ongoing basis. We continually monitor our processes and partners to find the best solutions for today.

Guess. Just because we can't predict the future doesn't mean we can't prepare for it. The future might be unknown, but your investment plan will have measured clarity and direction.

Our Team

  Ray MacDonald

  Senior Portfolio Manager

  Captain of the Ship

  604-257-7355 | ray.macdonald@rbc.com


  Sebastien Demers, CFA, CFP

  Associate Investment Advisor

  Portfolio Construction, Monitoring and Wealth Planning

  604-257-7353 | sebastien.demers@rbc.com


   Breena Quinn

   Associate Advisor

   New Accounts and Portfolio Changes

   604-257-7795 | breena.quinn@rbc.com


  Sandra Tang


  Account Administration

Away on maternity leave  


  Stephanie Liu

  Client Experience Associate 

    604-665-0754 | stephanie.liu@rbc.com



  Wynne Hamilton

  Administrative Assistant

  Account Administration

  604-665-0458 | wynne.hamilton@rbc.com


  Tajinder Kaur

  Administrative Assistant

  Account Administration

  604-678-1490 | tajinder.kaur@rbc.com


  Garrett Mcllroy


  604-665-0569 | garrett.mcilroy@rbc.com