Randall-Roberts Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities advises a diverse clientele consisting of self-incorporated professionals, small and large business owners, estates, foundations, complex trusts, labour unions, charitable organizations, as well as individuals and families. Backed by the strength of RBC, Canada's largest financial services organization and named the Best Bank in North America and Canada 2013 by Global Finance, we truly believe our team offers a level of wealth management service that is second-to-none.

Wealth Management Approach

Randall-Roberts’ wealth management process begins by clearly understanding your financial needs and objectives taking into account lifestyle, expectations, and goals in regards to your investment portfolio. For each client, we develop an understanding of return expectations, risk tolerances, income requirements, tax situation and time horizon.

These financial objectives are then translated into a custom-tailored, long-term investment strategy focusing on wealth preservation and capital appreciation, ensuring financial peace of mind with a conservative approach. Throughout each stage of your financial road map, we recommend tax, estate, retirement, insurance, and education planning needs and opportunities based on your ever changing situation. There is no simple, one-time solution, your situation changes, financial markets change and the factors that determine investment success also change. At Randall-Roberts we stay committed to working with you through each stage of your life to help meet specific goals and objectives.

Investment Approach

Randall-Roberts’ investment philosophy aims to provide stable income and long-term capital appreciation. We believe that there are significant yield opportunities among income investments, such as dividend-paying equities, preferred shares, real estate investment trusts, corporate bonds and short-term deposits, which help generate income with reduced volatility relative to the stock market. We place tremendous emphasis on companies with annuity- like, positive and growing cash flows with strong balance sheets because we believe growth is driven by sustainable profits. Such companies tend to pay regular distributions or dividends, which we see as a key indicator of long-term stability and growth potential.

Our buy strategy incorporates a top-down market and sector risk assessment, coupled with a bottom-up quantitative security selection process. Top-down analysis includes: evaluating global economic health, finding attractive markets and sectors, performing technical analysis to determine current market cycles and fundamental analysis determining whether markets are overbought or oversold. Bottom-up analysis consists of in depth security screening and extensive research on superior businesses with strong, consistent earnings, growing cash flow and a history of financial strength. After adequate due diligence has been performed we seek out securities priced at attractive levels relative to the market, their competitors, and their fair market value; securities that we believe will generate better returns versus holding cash or short term deposits.

Our sell strategy keeps in mind that responsible wealth management means placing emphasis on preserving it; knowing when to sell securities in order to limit exposure to risk is pivotal for avoiding financial disaster. At Randall-Roberts we sell on deteriorating fundamentals, on better alternative investment opportunities, when a company has reached full value, or for tax-loss selling purposes that strategically offset capital gains. The objective is to ensure that small losses don’t turn into large losses; therefore, a sell discipline is required to realize full value for key positions that drive returns.