Below are some testimonials recognizing Peter's work:
Peter has steered us through the last few years to a successful retirement, with a view to our personal needs, wants and reality. He can be relied upon to return calls, emails and provide regular updates and information. Thank you Peter!
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Christine B.

Working with Peter has been my pleasure. Peter works with honesty and integrity and believes in completing everything he has promised. He is extremely responsive and sincere when understanding my needs. He follows an investment methodology that he believes in and uses personally. I recommend Peter with out reservation.
David P.

Peter has impressed me as a very astute planner. He has the business acumen and customer-focused care to really benefit his clients.
Scott V.
I have known Peter personally for 12 years and worked with him professionally for 3. He has a keen understanding of his clients' future needs as well as a solid approach to solutions that will support their goals. He is a professional and someone you can count on to be honest and forthright with his views. He is reliable and a great communicator.
Dave H.