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Alter Ego and Joint Partner Trusts An estate planning strategy to protect your wealth ENG/FRE
Estate Planning for Blended Families How to plan for the future when families are blended ENG/FRE
Estate Planning:  How to live, and give, in the longevity boom What does longevity mean when planning to hand down your wealth? ENG/FRE
Mom and Dad, can we talk? Discussing the financial and legal implications of aging. ENG
The Navigator:  Power of Attorney - Common-Law Provinces Only General issues related to the the preparation and use of POAs in common law provinces and territories ENG
Wealth Transfer:  Are your heirs ready? Most parents know the conversation about wealth transfer needs to happy - the question is when to start and what should be discussed? ENG/FRE
When should you review your Will or Estate Plan? Overview of when you should review/update your Will and/or Estate Plan ENG/FRE
Your Reference Guide for Acting as an Attorney under a Power of Attorney Information on the duties related to acting as a Power of Attorney ENG/FRE
Your Reference Guide for Acting as a Mandatary under a Power of Mandatary (Quebec) Information on the duties related to acting as a Power of Mandatary (Quebec) ENG/FRE



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Attorney for Property Duties Checklist A checklist that summarizes the range of tasks that may be involved in assuming attorney duties (under a Power of Attorney) for a loved one ENG/FRE
Executor/Liquidator Duties Checklist A checklist to help prepare for the key tasks involved in settling an estate or planning to appoint an executor ENG/FRE
Retirement Checklist A checklist of the financial details that need to be addressed prior to retirement ENG/FRE
2020 Financial Planning Checklist for Seniors This checklist looks at financial planning consideration for seniors, and offers an overview of commonly used strategies ENG/FRE


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Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers Responsible for Seniors Forum

General information on Benefits, Planning for aging in place, Caregiving, Provincial/Territorial resources, Frauds and Scams, Financial abuse, Powers of attorney and joint bank accounts, and Age-friendly workplaces ENG
Digital Wills:  Should we start including a 'digital legacy' clause in our wills? Lost in today's conversation about wills are our digital lives, despite the fact that much of our lives play out online ENG
Estate Planning Explained Get Smarter About Money - Estate Planning  (Ontario Securities Commission) ENG / FRE
Facing up to the Realities of Old Age Many prudent Canadians who have an estate place in place to manage their finances after they are gone still fail to consider who will manage their affairs while they are still living ENG
Rise in Estate Administration Costs Seen in Ontario The cost of administering an estate in Ontario - Canada's most populous province - is expected to get more expensive ENG
To Probate or Not to Probate Whether you are just beginning your own estate planning or you have been named executor for someone else's estate, at some point you will want to consider the role of probate ENG
The Effectiveness use of Trusts in Connection with Income Splitting (Part 1 of 4) Review the basic tax requirements for using trusts to split income ENG
The Effectiveness use of Trusts in Connection with Income Splitting (Part 2 of 4) Exploring a number of common income splitting opportunities that are accessible through the use of trusts ENG