Paul's Prose - May, 2018

May 31, 2018 | Paul Monette


It's Time to Grow!!

In April, Kristin and I welcomed two key members to our team:


Maurice Powers:
Maurice has devoted 44 years to RBC and is convinced his best years are ahead of him!! Maurice spent much of his time as a Branch Manager at various locations throughout the city and the last 10 years as a Financial Planner. If you or someone you know needs a financial plan (a free service for our clients and their families) please do not hesitate to contact Maurice at 613-725-1149 or by email.


Geo Lakey:
Geo joins us from the branch administration team. Along with the many other hats he wore he was also the designated branch “techie”. Who knows, he may even teach us (Paul) how to use Twister or Faceboard ! (sp??) Kristin is now allowed to go on holidays – without Paul having a heart attack!! In fact she just got back from 2 weeks in Holland visiting her ancestors.


Estate Planning

Last “Prose” we focused on taxes – this time I would like to share some thoughts on Estate Planning. As many of you know, the first 10 years of my 33 years with RBC were actually with Royal Trust. While some of this time was spent in the role of Branch Manager, most of it was focused on helping clients deal with investments, wills and trusts.


Over the years I have spent much time reviewing client wills and offering my two cents – I am not a lawyer and do not profess to be an expert. However, I have likely read and interpreted more wills and Powers of Attorney than many lawyers out there. All I do is read them over and make sure that they actually specify your true wishes as effectively as possible. If there are any issues that come up then the professional legal minds come into play. We have included an Estate Planning Checklist with the newsletter – hopefully you find this useful. If there is any doubt as to whether your will reflects your estate planning objectives, please give us a call. Not unlike the financial plans being offered by Maurice, this is a no cost service offered by me to my existing client base.


Our mission is to have in place a complete menu of financial services so you can enjoy your retirement with as little stress as possible!


Renos 4 Seniors

Let’s get this straight – I offer many services to my clients – renovating your home is not one of them!


All too often I have received phone calls from clients saying they have fallen and are recovering in the hospital or at a senior’s residence.


Furthermore, an increasing number of seniors are telling me “the only way I am leaving my home is in a pine box!!” Retirement homes can actually be wonderful places. (If you are lucky, you get me to come and play the guitar there once in a while!!) However, if you do decide to stay home, please take the responsible step to ensure your home meets your needs for safety – for your peace of mind and for your comfort as well.


Maurice has dealt with one of the owners of a firm called Renos 4 Seniors. According to their brochure, one in four adults over the age of 65 will fall at least once this year. So....before you fall, make the call (I should have been a poet – Kristin doesn’t agree).


Peter and Paolo can be reached at 613-229-6310 (or ask us to send you a brochure).


*Please remember to do your homework before engaging in any reno project! Make sure you get at least one other quote and are 100% comfortable with any contract before you sign.


Another way you can stay home longer is by staying fit!

Physical fitness has always been a very important part of my life. This is also the case for my wife, Rosanna. It seems to be hereditary as both my kids also believe in staying fit! Especially Leah – she’s a fitness freak!!


As we age we want to stay active but most of us have to deal with all the old “sports injuries” from when we were young and foolish. High School wrestling really did a number on me, not to mention the few tumbles I have taken while mountain biking.


Over two years ago Rosanna and I started using a personal trainer, Nina Potvin. She has been a big part of helping Rosanna and I stay healthy even as we work through our various ailments. She was an enormous help to me last year when I dealt with my Parsonage Turner Syndrome. With a degree in Kinesiology and many years of personal training and myofascial massage experience, she “gets” it. She makes sure she understands you and your particular life experiences and your overall fitness goals. I continue to play squash, bike, run, hike and golf and I truly say that Nina is a big part of why I can continue to do the things I love.


Nina can be reached at 613-878-0075 or or visit her website -


*As always, please consult your doctor about any new fitness regimen. When you think about investing don’t forget about investing in your health!


Personal Thoughts

This section has watched my kids, Bradley and Leah, grow from infants to adults. It is a joy to find and read an old Paul’s Prose and see my perspective at various stages of their lives. I wonder, when do I stop talking about them? Then again I know from talking to many of you – your kids are your kids whether they are 5 or 50!


  • Leah is back at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute working in the lab doing trials related to Leukemia. Last week at 6:30 am she was on Skype interviewing for a mentorship at Queen’s doing research on breast cancer. Ironic that these are the diseases that claimed the lives of each of her grandmothers. The interview went so well that the Doctor offered to oversee an Honours Thesis for her instead!
  • Brad is in full swing of the 2nd year of his window washing business “Stress Free Window Cleaning”. It is amazing to watch him build a business from scratch – he is a true entrepreneur. Of course he keeps some shifts teaching swimming with the city as he continues his courses at Carleton University. Dad is trying to convince him to get a job in a bank – I really think he has a strong business sense along with a grasp of the “big picture” (and his father’s hair)
  • Unfortunately as I rekindle my relationship with golf after 2 years, my wife, Rosanna has to give it up. Her shoulder is simply a painful mess – she is seeing several specialists but it looks like this year her golf career is on hold. Hopefully she will be back out challenging Brooke Henderson next year!