2021 Federal Budget

Apr 20, 2021 |Paul Monette

Federal budget 2021: Key measures that may have a direct impact on you

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Paul's Prose February 2021 - The Great Pandemic Economy

Feb 22, 2021 |Paul Monette

The Great Pandemic Economy: Let’s pretend someone wrote a book about a pandemic that took over the world. A pandemic that forced people to stay home for over a year. A pandemic that killed 2.5 million people and counting.

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Special report: What's happening with Bitcoin?

Feb 11, 2021 |Paul Monette

Bitcoin is a potentially transformative technology whose impacts may extend beyond its use as an investment. For its most ardent advocates, a belief that Bitcoin will change society is close to an article of faith.

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U.S. Elections 2020: Client Friendly Chart Pack

Oct 09, 2020 |Paul Monette

This information seems quite timely and I think many of my clients have been asking themselves what happens if Biden wins or if Trump holds on. Of course all these past numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt but I found the report interesting

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Paul's Prose October 2020

Oct 02, 2020 |Paul Monette

Are we there yet? Nope. In fact, I am not sure we will ever see the true end of Covid-19. Please do not take this to be a devastating negative – there is enough of that out there! It simply means that things will change.

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The Year of the S

Aug 14, 2020 |Paul Monette

The Environmental and Governance components of ESG investing are increasingly important to investment decisions. As the world faces unprecedented challenges and grapples with persistent problems, we believe 2020 is the year that the third ESG element

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The path to recovery remains uncertain – An update with Jim Allworth: Audio Commentary

Apr 07, 2020 |Paul Monette

The path to recovery remains uncertain – An update with Jim Allworth - RBC Wealth Management’s latest thoughts on COVID-19 and its implications for the economic and investment outlook.

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Are Canadian bank dividends sustainable?

Mar 26, 2020 |Portfolio Advisory Group
CANADIAN EQUITIES MAR 26, 2020 Are Canadian bank dividends sustainable? As we continue in this period of tempered economic growth and uncertainty on the back of the COVID-19 crisis and an oil price war, we think it is important to take a closer look at...
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Going to Extremes Market Update

Mar 17, 2020 |Paul Monette
Click here to access the client-friendly article from RBC Global Portfolio Advisory Committee.
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Special COVID-19 Edition

Mar 17, 2020 |Paul Monette
SPECIAL COVID-19 EDITION Where do we start? First off, I hope all of you are well from a health point of view. Money seems important, but the health card always trumps finances. However, you are not looking to me for health guidance – if you want that...
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