I believe that every person has different goals, needs and expectations. Throughout the process I will ensure that your specific needs are looked after and that no issue is overlooked.

1) The Discovery Process: this will allow us to get to know one another.

  • I would like to learn about you and your family, what you would like to accomplish financially and any current concerns you may have.
  • For this meeting, it will be beneficial for you to bring your current Financial Plan and Investment Policy Statement in addition to any other relevant information. This will allow me to conduct a comprehensive review and determine if you are on track to meet your goals and needs. If you do not have a Financial Plan, I will develop one for you as this will be crucial to your financial success.
  • The goal is for you to receive a professional second opinion. Through my years of experience, I have seen too many people wait too long to get a second opinion and as a result lose sight of their financial plans and find it difficult or sometimes impossible to get back on track.

 2) Analysis:

  • I will review your current state and present to you my findings.
  • This will include any modifications that I believe need to be made in regards to your existing Financial Plan and Investment Policy Statement as well as any Investment specific adjustments I recommend.

 3) Implementation:

  • You will receive a personalized binder including copies of your new documents and plans as well any additional Wealth Management literature beneficial to you.
  • I will also schedule an appointment with our Will and Estate Consultant and Insurance specialist in order to verify that you have minimized any unforeseen risk.
  • From this point forward, my responsibility is to continuously look after and protect your money. I don't believe in annual or quarterly rebalancing since the financial market doesn't trade once or four times per year. Instead, I believe in an ongoing tactical approach to portfolio management where we take advantage of opportunities as they occur and stay ahead of downturns through disciplined risk management. My top priority is to help you meet your financial goals while minimizing risk.

 4) Ongoing Review:

  • I commit to contacting you on a regular, mutually agreed upon schedule since communication in an integral part of our relationship.
  • If you come across life events or any changes, we will review and modify your Financial Plan and your Investment Policy Statement. This will verify that you are always on track and that all of your goals and plans are taken care of.
  • I will communicate any portfolio changes to you by phone and keep you informed at all times.

Please contact me at (905) 546-8702 or paul.jokel@rbc.com to schedule a review of your Investment Portfolio, Financial Plan and Investment Policy Statement. Confirm that you are currently receiving the best advice and are on the right path for financial success.